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Today was a wonderful day in the wonderland of adventures! The boys decided they wanted to dress alike, and play army men, which turned into playing K-9 officers. (guess they both want to follow in Daddy’s footsteps) So the morning was a wonderful time listening to them laugh and play using their imagination to the fullest of it’s capability. By lunch time, they were ready to eat and enjoy a Popsicle out on the screened porch. Entomologist hasn’t been able to be outside to play much, since the doctor ordered him to be inside until his staph infection is gone. However, after a week of confinement, I had to let him go out. The weather is so beautiful and the air is thick with the fragrance of autumn. His sore was covered and he had on long pants, so I felt he is alright. Plus those super powered antibiotics surely are working at the dose he needs to take. 
I tried to get a photo of them together, to send to my Mother-In-Law, but no such luck. So one of each, with Entomologist looking ever so thrilled to be having his photo taken. (you just have to catch this kid in THE right mood for photos) Picasso, on the other hand, will see me grab my camera, and immediately, it’s “Take a pikure me Mommie!” 
Was a great day altogether that ended with us baking cookies. Ok, MY baking cookies, because they were still interested in chasing one another in their “cop cars” and shouting FREEZE to anyone that would listen. 
I love having boys… good times.

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