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**Picture was taken last year. I haven’t been in much of a picture taking mood lately, so I have been going thru all my stored images, to share those that are my favorites with you.**

Today we picked blueberries. Not just your everyday run of the mill blueberries, these were really sweet and delicious! We were only there long enough to pick just under 2.5 lbs, so we are going to go back this week, without the 2 year old, and pick more. We would like to have enough to freeze, so that we can enjoy blueberry muffins, and blueberry coffee cake thruout the winter.

This coming weekend, hubby and I are going out of town…alone. My mom is going to stay here and keep the boys. We so desperately need a little time for ourselves. I often find that when I look at him, its hard to know where all the time has went. 14 years is a pretty decent amount of time to be together, especially this day in age. Yes, he has aged, and so have I. His mustache is a little grey, and his hair is a bit thinner than it used to be, but other than the physical signs, it’s really difficult to see where all the time has went. Seems as tho the past 14 years have just flew right by. I guess we are having fun.

Its retreats like this that help to keep our love alive, and help us to reconnect. We will be in a cabin, in the mountains, with little more than running water, electricity and food. There is a hot tub to relax in, and we will watch movies, but no TV. I am so excited, I can barely wait.

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  • The mountains are so nice and I love the cabins. You guys will have fun! Me and Todd hit 15 years this year and we keep telling each other we can’t believe it. It still seems like only yesterday that we first met. The years go fast.

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