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Along came a spider

It’s no secret that we adore bugs. All bugs, every shape and size. Entomologist will come to me, often, with a new bug in tow, or to have me come observe with him an interesting bug. It’s exciting, and for him educational. (but shhhh! don’t tell him that!) Today was no different, for he found a NEW spider. No, not “new”, but not the same spider that we have been seeing, as this one was much larger. We also noticed a smaller argiope close by. After doing our research, we learned this was in fact the male of the species. Sweet! There are going to be many more argiope spiders in OUR yard this coming spring!

I love the fact that Entomologist is so fascinated with insects, spiders and the like. He is always so enthusiastic about them, and is thirsty for more information. He isn’t happy with “That’s a spider.” He will observe, then say we need to do our research to find out what it is, or if it’s “the boy or girl”, and of course if they are poisonous.

So there you have it, our picture of our Mrs. Argiope. We are looking forward to seeing her egg sac. Let’s hope she stays awhile.

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  • You are such a brave mom! I suck spiders up in the vacuum cleaner. 😉 But, sshh, the Entomogist doesn’t need to know that!My 6yo saw a fly in the house a few months ago and screamed ‘Bug!’ LOLI’m glad you can enjoy them with him. 🙂

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