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….and Bingo was his name-o!!

Today started out like any other day. With the exception that we were anticipating the arrival a photographer with a local magazine to take our photographs. About a month ago, we replied to a request sent out about gardening with children. So totally not expecting anything to become of it, I received a call that turned into a telephone interview. Well, that article and our photos should run in next month’s addition of the local magazine. We are excited. 🙂

After we planted our lettuces, spinach, and sweet peas, we came inside to clean up, and warm up! It was COLD out there!

The constant blur of energy that is our 5year old, Picasso.

After playing legos for a while, it was time for Hubs to be home. Once he was comfortable, Entomologist started asking if we could get a pet…… a Guinea Pig….. since of course we can’t really have a dog, nor a cat. We then went to the pet store to “just look”, according to Hubs.  Some odd amount of funds later, we were the proud owners of one guinea pig.

How could anyone NOT totally fall in love with that precious cavy face??

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