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Baby Bird Baby Bird Fly Away Home

Today, we were able to enjoy our very own nature class in our backyard. While this wasn’t planned, it was certainly enjoyable! We are looking forward to witnessing the miracle of life, right in our very own backyard classroom.
A few months back, we placed this blue bird house, with hopes to attract blue birds to our yard. While blue birds have been spotted, I suppose the adage, “the early bird gets the worm”, applies here. Carolina Wrens have taken residence in this birdhouse, and are now the proud parents of 4 little fledglings.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Picasso checking to see how many babies there were. We could hear them chirping from the ground. We placed the birdhouse about 6 feet off the ground.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere they are… aren’t they just soooooo precious!!! They can’t be more than just a few days old. We are looking forward to watching them grow. We’ve even started a bird journal…. just for them. Smile

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn our screened porch, we have this cute decorative birdhouse. We have never considered it for actual use, and just left it sitting on the ledge, for decoration. Today, we noticed there was an ample amount of nesting material inside… upon further investigation… we found…
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA..a single Carolina Wren egg.

Now, before you go postal on me and tell me a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t have handled this bird egg, I invite you to read here.
So, we are looking forward to enjoying all that spring has to offer…. I certainly hope you are too. Smile

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