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Backyard Beach, Books, and Bugs

Hello everyone, even tho its been awhile since I have blogged, I do hope this entry finds you and yours doing exceptionally well.

We are doing great, as busy as bees collecting pollen. It’s definitely summer, and the boys are no stranger to the wonderful theatrics that warmer days often bring. We have been busy gardening, collecting bugs, laughing deep belly laughs and exploring every aspect of this great and wonderful world in which we reside. This is one of my favorite times of year, when a skip thru the sprinklers is the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Recently, hubby and I ordered the boys their very own, private, backyard beach. What is this, you ask? Well, it basically amounts to 9 tons (imagine a Volkswagen beetle) of sand, plopped down in the corner of our backyard, complete with beach toys, umbrellas and sunscreen. It’s the best part about going to the ocean. (well minus that crisp ocean breeze, but it’s only a state of mind anyway, right?) The boys are in heaven! I must say this is the best money we have spent in a very long time. It’s wonderful to feel the cool sand between your toes, and to build and sculpt with the imagination of a 6 and 2 year old. It’s better than any “toy” we could have purchased them, period. You just haven’t lived until you have eaten lunch in a sand fort on a far away planet, in a not so distant galaxy. It’s great to imagine, and it’s even more wonderful when you get to imagine with your own children. I can’t wait to see where they will take me next!

Attended a curriculum sale last weekend. It’s the first time that I have even been to one, and it was fantastic! We have mostly unschooled up to this point, but I feel that we are ready for a bit more structure. I received a link to a few tests, and while I have not administered them to Entomologist, as of yet, I feel that judging by the content of the science test, he is most definitely on a 5th grade science level. I went to the sale looking for items to use for science this year, as well as other subjects. (reading, math, history, geography, etc.) I came out with everything on my list marked off, except for reading. We are going to use Study Dog for that, since Entomologist enjoyed the Kindergarten version so much.

It’s required by our state that we “school” for a minimum of 180 days. Because we take time off for “fun”, we learn all year, to stay well within our requirements. We are nearing the end of our two week break. Entomologist has a good friend that is in public school and of course, is on summer break now. Entomologist requested that he be given a break as well, so this is why we are “out of school”. Well what the best part about the way we school is, is that Entomologist has no idea that we learn all the time. To him, “school” is fun. (because he doesn’t realize he is learning) He found a new bug last week and with the excitement that a new bug brings, which by the way, I am convinced only he has, came running to me,”Mommie, Mommie, look at this new bug I found, we have to find out what it is, hurry lets do it now!” (I am sure I gave a devilish grin, but that can’t be confirmed) I said, sure honey, get the bug book. Eagerly his did as was requested. We found it to be a Giant Root Borer, a female. So in true unschooling fashion, we decided it was time to build a nice new display for all the bug carcasses that he now owns. He says, “Mommie, can we make tags with their real names (scientific name) and the ones we call them?” (that devilish grin came out again) Sure honey, this is going to be great fun! So we are in the middle of this project, currently. It’s going to be rather elaborate, and I will hopefully be able to share images once we are finished.

Why did I tell you this? Well its because even tho we are on “break”, Entomologist still learns. It’s just a way of life, for us. It’s in the small “everyday” things that we do, that the most fun is found.

The world is our classroom, and we are ready to explore.

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