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I have so many things that I do want to blog about, but.. I haven’t had the time to process the photos that I want to go along with them. So.. just to bring you up to date, I will go ahead and blog, and when things slow down, I will post photos. Sound fair?

Ok, Entomologist has started spelling on his own these past few weeks. YEAH! I always KNEW that he could, but… not on demand. So armed with a new spelling website, we are FINALLY going places. (I just need to see about getting his computer hooked up to the Internet.)
Picasso is doing wonderfully well. He knows MOST of his colors, all of his shapes, and can count to 5. That’s big in my book. (he just turned 3) He tries to recite the alphabet, but he gets kinda jumbly after A-B-C.. it’s ok, this will also come.
We have been crafting more than ever lately, and I am LOVING it!! We have made fall leaves from air dry clay, painted and shellacked them, stung them on twine, and the next step is to adorn the mantle with them.  I found watercolor pencils at your friendly WalMart store, so not, they are not “green” but hey, they are new, and they are SUPER COOL! Entomologist said that the painting I did with them was the best he had ever seen from me. (snicker) He loves me.. so he is biased. 😉
We captured about 10 caterpillars from our yard, 6 of them formed a chrysalis and of those, 4 actually hatched. It was wonderful to see the boys reactions when we woke up each new day to find a butterfly waiting to fly free. I am not sure the name of them, but apparently they will only eat from a passion flower vine, but they really are lovely.
Oh, and one quick funny before I go… 
Picasso and I were lying on my bed one afternoon when he noticed a portrait of me when I was pregnant with Entomologist. He asked me what it was, and I explained to him that it was when Mommie was pregnant with brother. He looked at me confused, so I said, Brother was in Mommie’s tummy. With an even more puzzled look on his face, he said… “You ate him?!”
He’s a cutie alright!
Well, I do hope that you and yours are having a wonderful time, whatever it is you are doing. Until next time……

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