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I do it every time…. each time I say I’m going to blog, weekly, at best, I drop the ball. I can’t stick with this blogging, on a steady basis, no matter how hard I try. I’m very picky, you see. I like to include a photo that *I* took, with my blog entries. And well, to be quite honest, I haven’t been taking photos lately. Well, not the type that are worthy of a blog entry. (you can’t use cell phone pics to blog, it goes against something in the universe, I’m sure)

We have been busy, with life, school, and the fun that helps to ensure that the world continues to spin. The boys and I are still learning German. While we know more at this moment, than we did a month ago, we are not where we hope to be. There is an event coming up, in our homeschool community, in which each student represents a country of their choice. We chose Germany. (shocked? you shouldn’t be) We will begin putting our board together, this weekend. It’s a presentation of all we have learned, so far, about the history, culture, language, traditions, etc. We will make a German dish, and bring a few items that our German friends sent to us, to share with everyone. We are excited. I will certainly post photos of that. 😉

We still haven’t made it to the museum. We will.. this coming week, as we have classes that we must attend. I am greatly looking forward to the “Body Worlds Vital” exhibit. The boys are excited as well. Photos are not allowed to be taken, unless you are the press… so… I will have to improvise. 🙂

So that’s about all I can muster at the moment for blogging. … until next time…

Peace love and happiness to you all . 🙂

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