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Catching Up

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. In general, my husband will not work on Sundays, and we are able to spend this time together as a family. Today is basically the same, however he does have to work @ the sheriff’s department tonight. (big sigh) The boys and I will rent a movie from PPV, and enjoy the last bag of popcorn. It always makes for a great evening.

We took a break from our school schedule on Friday and Saturday. We had family visiting, and thought it best to dedicate our time to them. It was my cousin, of whom I haven’t seen in almost 10 years. It was wonderful to see him, and witness first hand the man he has become. (he is almost 7 years younger than I am) He and his new wife visited and we had a wonderful time catching up on all those years.

Saturday afternoon, my Mom, the boys and I went to the Flea Market to see if we could find a “replacement” turtle. (You see, one passed away while we were in NY over the Christmas Holiday) I wanted one about the same size as Leo, not one of the hatchlings that are illegal to sell. (altho they somehow get around that at the flea market) Anyway, in the back is a reptile store, and they had ONE turtle. He is about 5-6 inches in diameter, so well above legal size. I really didn’t want one this large, but I felt that we had to rescue him. He was in a 10 gallon tank, with aquarium rock on the bottom, and about a cup of water. It smelled in a way that only turtles can, but it was obvious that he was being neglected, or so I felt. He didn’t have a light to bask by, and couldn’t possibly submerge himself in water if he wanted to. Altho the place said they took him home every night and he had a nice set up there. (I dunno, perhaps they did) Anyway, he is ours. We named him “Tuck”, after the turtle on Wonder Pets. We know that he is a he by how long his front claws are, and the fact that his plastron is concave. He is definately boy. We are unsure as to the sex of Leo, as “he” is only a year old, so we hope HE is going to be a HE. The boys are enjoying both of them, and I will admit, I kinda like the uniquness of having a turtle for a pet.

So here we are on Sunday. School this past week has been wonderful and the Entomologist is moving right along. I have since changed the playroom into a dedicated school room, and its the best move I have ever made. I just don’t know what took me so long to figure it out!

Today we made potato stamps and tried to make a few home made St. Patty’s Day cards, to send to family. Well, we will try for the cards later in the week, as the boys had too much fun just stamping, and making art. It’s ok because they had a blast and said we can do cards later on. I think I am just going to put the potato stampers in a ziplock and place in the fridge for later on in the week. No sense in wasting good stamps!

So that is where we stand for today. There are a few upcoming events in our homeschool groups for the week, so we may participate in them. We have to make sure the colds that we have do not get worse before we decide. I wouldn’t want to give our germies to anyone else.

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