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He Wants To Save The Whales

Entomologist has always been my “nature boy”. He loves bugs, cats, dogs, birds, basically anything that has a beating heart. His favorite television station is Animal Planet, he loves to bird watch, and to go to the Capitol building and hand feed the squirrels. He […]

Organization Gene??

I was recently passed on a link to a fantastic blog by a mother of 4, yes you read that right FOUR boys, and she is also a homeschooler. TOTALLY organized. I mean, to the “nth” degree! I have been browsing her blog over the […]


I have so many things that I do want to blog about, but.. I haven’t had the time to process the photos that I want to go along with them. So.. just to bring you up to date, I will go ahead and blog, and […]

When Magic Happens

We all had a wonderful time going to the State Capitol yesterday to see the release of these beautiful butterflies for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. I try to take the boys each year, simply because, to them, seeing that many butterflies in one location is magic. […]

Catching Up

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. In general, my husband will not work on Sundays, and we are able to spend this time together as a family. Today is basically the same, however he does have to work @ the sheriff’s department tonight. […]

All That Remains

As day turned into night, I couldn’t help but notice the Entomologist’s excitement over viewing “The Red Moon”. We have been waiting for this day for little more than a week. It was, to say the least, the highlight of our month, so far. As […]