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Last Wednesday the boys and I had errands that NEEDED to be accomplished. We have put them off for far too long. We stopped in at Taco Bell for lunch and had a wonderful conversation and just a good time in general. 

We stopped by Office Depot to pick up a few items there, (and a “ticket” book for Entomologist) and I discovered they make DVD-R’s in 4.7 Gigs.. I never knew that! So now I feel like I have had an entirely new world opened to me! I’m going to be one movie making devil!! (photos of the boys for inlaws)

Anyhoo, on our way home I noticed three sets of lights in the sky. My first thought was airplanes since we live 2 miles from the airport. It wasn’t until they all moved at the exact speed, and distance, that I thought it could be something different. I watched them for a few minutes and asked Entomologist what they were.

He said “Airplanes Mommie, and I’m pretty sure the middle one is a passenger jet.” 

“Are you sure that it’s not a UFO?”

“No Mommie, because Aliens are not real.”

“Well it seems like a really big waste of space if there are no other life forms on far away planets, don’t you think?”

“There are other life forms on other planets, Mommie. It’s just not what you may think of when you think of aliens.”

“So what other types of aliens could there be?”

“Bacteria, except on Pluto, its just too cold there for any type of life.”

“Why do you think there is bacteria there?”

“I saw it on the Science Channel. They told me that on most other planets there are bacteria, except on Mars, and they also have something kind of like tornadoes too.”

“Well.. what exactly is bacteria?”

” Its a tiny life, kinda like bugs, except only smaller, and you need a microscope to see them.”

Yeah.. I’m impressed. I have always said that he is so much smarter, and in ways that I do not realize, than what I give him credit for. I am always being fussed at for his reading skills. Well, I would have you know that he read off my grocery list today. (milk, bread, eggs, cheese and cat food) He read these without my help. So I know he can read, only when its “convenient” for him to do so. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share our little conversation with you, just incase you were curious.

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