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Up The Creek On Earth Day

Earth day is celebrated every day around our house. We love the earth, we love nature and we love being outside. Getting lost in the woods and up the creek is our favorite. It’s music to our weary souls, and often times rejuvenates us in a way that nothing else can even come close.
Earth Day, UnschoolEarth Day, Unschool


A few weeks ago, after a fishing trip gone wrong, we stopped for a bag of boiled peanuts and headed to a creek that is not too far from our home. We sat on the bank, eating our southern staple, tossing the spent shells into the creek. The fellas went on a little walk around and noticed there was an area of the creek that was dammed up from broken branches and so. much. garbage. The boys wanted to clean up all the garbage that day. However, it was cold and rainy, and I really wasn’t up to the task and told them we would come back when the weather was nicer.
Earth Day, UnschoolEarth Day, Unschool

Earth day seemed to be the best time to do our part cleaning up this creek.


SO, armed with rain boots, 2 trash grabbers, a garden rake, leaf rake, a shovel, paint bucket and 50-gallon garbage can in tow, we set out to do just that.

 As we were cleaning, the owner of the property adjacent to where we accessed the creek was out mowing her grass. I stopped her, and let her know that we felt we were most likely on her property, but we there to clean it up, to do our part for Earth Day.

She was an older woman, in her early 70’s if I had to guess. As she explained to us that she has made several calls to the city to get the creek cleaned up because she is “getting up in age” (her phrase) and is unable to tend to the creek the way she once could. We knew we were doing something necessary.


She had the biggest smile on her face, and with the most sincere enthusiasm said she was so thankful we were there, but couldn’t believe that we were actually doing that on our own. I explained to her, our love for nature, and that we felt terrible about all the trash that had collected in the creek.


Earth Day, UnschoolEarth Day, Unschool

With ALL the hard work, it was only a matter of time before THIS happened.

I mean, it was warm out, and well, who can pass up a creek without taking a dip?



Earth Day, Unschool, CreekEarth Day, Unschool, Creek



Earth Day, UnschoolUnschool, Earth Day

Of course, all of the enjoyment was done after all of the work was completed. We removed TWO 50 gallon garbage cans of garbage from the creek. Included were shoes, metal grates, various glass bottles, various type of balls (tennis, basket, bouncy), even road reflectors. There was a tire in the water as well, but it was under a large downed tree and there was simply no way that the boys and I could remove it.


My Daddy always told me to leave things nicer than the way I found them. I think we did that very thing with this creek.We’re certain the sweet little lady appreciated our efforts. We’ll continue to keep a watch on this creek and clean it up when needed. Afterward, both of the boys told me they felt so good on the inside for doing something like this. It was a great feeling that knowing the little lady appreciated our efforts made it even better.


Since this article was written, back in 2013, this area experienced a flood in Autumn 2015. The dam that was making this creek was breached during that storm. The creek is considerably wider and much deeper than it was when I wrote the article. We are unsure when all of the repairs will take place. You can read more about that flood here.

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  • What a great job y'all did! It looks beautiful! Happy Earth Day 🙂

    We haven't braved it in to the water at Sesqui since it says no swimming there so I'd love to find a creek we could play in like that. There is trash that we just can't reach and it drives me nuts out there.

    Y'all done good! I'm glad you had fun too 🙂

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