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CuriosityStream: Documentaries Worth Watching

I love unit studies. It’s true. While we may follow more of an “unschool” approach in our homeschool, unit studies hold my heart. Living books are a great way to start a unit study, but what happens when you go down a rabbit hole and want to know more? Hello, documentaries via CuriosityStream!

Documentaries are one of our favorite resources for digging deeper into various topics. There are so many streaming “video on demand” services available today, and it’s hard to know which one will offer everything you need without sorting through the junk. You know what I had a hard time finding? Documentaries all in one place. 

***This is a sponsored post in which I may have been compensated in exchange for my complete and honest review. Affiliate links to CuriosityStream are sprinkled through this post. If you click on the links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.*** 

One morning I was watching the Today show and saw mention of a streaming service called CuriosityStream. This particular segment was about former astronaut Chris Hadfield, and his documentary “Miniverse”. Chris was promoting his documentary and announced it was on CuriosityStream. 

What is CuriosityStream, I said to myself. I opened up the laptop and started snooping around the world wide web. 

Y’all. I am not sure how we managed to go all these years without someone thinking of this before now. It’s a streaming service that offers ONLY documentaries and it’s just a little bit GENIUS! Founded by John Hendricks, (who is the founder of Discovery Communications: the Parent company of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet) you can rest easy that all of the content will be high quality and enjoyably educational.

I’m currently browsing their website and making a list of documentaries that I want to use as a springboard for our unschool year. With their “watchlist” feature, I can save every documentary that I want to make sure we watch. With over 1000 documentaries to choose from, covering nearly every subject imaginable, I know we’ve found the right streaming service for our educational needs. 


CuriosityStream is Portable

One of my favorite parts about any streaming service is the ability to “take it with us”.  As homeschoolers, we are able to take our school on the road, if necessary. In this digital age, we can take books, calendars, record keeping, and our favorite documentaries where ever we travel.

Tablet, computer, phone, Roku or your computer. No matter where you are, or which device you’re using, CuriosityStream is available. 

While I highly recommend CuriosityStream for your homeschool documentary needs, the fun doesn’t end there. I am a huge fan of meaningful television.  There are so many choices not only for my children but to feed my hunger to continually learn as well. There is sure to be something for everyone with CuriosityStream.

If you want to give CuriosityStream a try, there’s absolutely no long-term commitment, cancel anytime. Head over to their website; to register for a 30-day FREE trial using our exclusive code “homeschool”. (without quotations) When you’re ready to subscribe, you’ll find their rates are incredibly affordable.

Be sure to follow CuriosityStream on the social media channels that matter to you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and/or Google+.

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Good Luck and Happy Homeschooling! 

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