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Daddy is the BOMB-diggity!

Daddy checking the detonation line.
Safety first, the BEST ear protection ever. Daddy and Mr. D’s  headsets.
11yo setting off explosion number 1. The smallest of the three bombs set up for this demonstration.
7yo setting off explosion number 2. Quite a bit stronger than the first one. We felt the earth move, and  felt it, seemingly in our bones! WOWZA!!!
The final explosion!!! This was the largest of the three, and there was even a tire that went flying in the air!!!
Shrapnel from the first explosion. Daddy and Mr. D explained to the boys the type of explosives used, and the difference.
Standing next to the hole left from the last explosion. See the tire in the background. We expected the sand to be hard from the heat, but it wasn’t.
Showing appreciation to Daddy and Mr. D for the absolute BEST field trip ever!!!

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