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Dreher Island State Park

Ok. I’m not even going to pretend that I could ever catch up, and the chances of me blogging regularly seem to be slipping farther and farther away. I’ll just post the recent events, and the excitement that we have had. 

There have been many park days and other types of outtings that we have enjoyed. 
My Mom went to Dreher Island State Park for a week long camping vacation. She invited us up to spend the day with her and her best friend. It was wonderful. It took us quite awhile to get there, but we finally made it. (we probably would have made it sooner, had I had my fishing liscense) Anyway… we make it to the park, and once we are in, we noticed an Osprey flying overhead, and just happened to see the nest where s/he was taking food to the chicks. I decided to pull off the side, and take a quick photo of these magnificent creatures.
Afterwards, we made it to the campsite and decided it would be a wonderful time to go fishing. We collected everyones fishing gear and made sure that we had plenty of bait. There was a place behind the welcome center where I saw a very large fish earlier. (when I stopped to get fishing liscense) I made sure to ask if we could fish behind the visitors center prior, so that is where we thought we’d have the best chance of catching something large enough to keep.
There were plenty of gar swimming around, so that almost guaranteed there would be no smaller fish around. The extra large fish I saw earlier were spawning striped bass, and we were hopeful that we would be able to land one of them. No such luck. The only excitement that we had was an adorable little red slider turtle successfully eating the worms on the hooks.
There was a nice path leading into the woods, and around the lake where a Canadian Goose was sitting on her nest. We were surprised to learn, that after the eggs are laid, the parents lose the flight feathers and are unable to fly until after the eggs hatch. (approx. 25 days) She was making sure to keep a very watchful eye on me. It’s okay Momma Goose, I understand. 😉
While taking the “hike” into the woods, my Mother noticed spider, and told me to hurry and come see.  What she found was a very large spider, and after researching spiders, we are still not certian as to what type it is. If you know, please feel free to share with us, your knowledge. 😉
There were no fish caught, worth keeping on this day, but we had a wonderful time and learned so much.  We are looking forward to going camping later in the season. 

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