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Egg-scuse Me??

This morning I woke to a cute little smiling face telling me “Dood Morn, Mawnie“(he hasn’t yet been able to say Mommie, but I will keep that cute word for now) Cute, cute, cute, so I was automatically placed in an amazing mood, as Picasso didn’t wake up crying. Yeah! That in itself is better than coffee!

So up we are ready to take on the day. I decided to send the boys on a scavenger hunt while I make breakfast, wonderfully tasty Pumpkin French Toast. YUMO! As I begin to place ingredients for said breakfast, I decided to use the last of the two double yolked eggs that my mother gave us. (I am NOT a fan of double yolk eggs, unless using for baking) Anyway, I crack open the last one, and ANOTHER EGG! Yes, there was the one yolk, that to anyone would have been normal, but no no no, not in our house. We must have different everything, so an egg within an egg is par for the course. I couldn’t believe it.

I must let you know that I have a tough time with double yolked eggs anyway. I have cracked open these eggs to have a baby chick fall out, (EWW!) and now this. I mentally CAN NOT eat a double yolked egg. I just cant get it anywhere near my mouth. I am sure it tastes the same as any other egg, but I just can’t get past it. So now this just adds to my “phobia”. I should have taken a picture of this strange phenomenon, but, I was too grossed out, and before I thought, down the garbage disposal it went.

Of course Entomologist immediately said, “Hurry, call Nanny, she knows all about eggs!” Now, I will admit, my Mother knows quite a bit about a variety of things. However, it’s always, “Call Nanny, she knows about X”. I mean, what happened to “Mommie, what is it?” and then my answer being taken for fact? No, I am not complaining, but it was plain to me that this egg was a twin, or something of the like. (or perhaps the egg gods telling me to never let another double yolked egg in my house)

So there you have it.. out interesting morning breakfast.

I am sure I will post another entry today, hopefully with pictures of some sort. Until then…..

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