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Frog Blog..

Getting cute green visitors is not something that happens often, around here. I’m not sure if these tree frogs would ever have been here, in our yard, if it weren’t for Entomologist and I…. let me explain.
My husband owns a very small lawn maintenance business. One of the properties that he tends to, is a doctors office, that has a runoff pond. In this runoff pond are THOUSANDS of tiny little green tree frogs. Several years ago, (maybe about 4? years ago) Entomologist thought it would be a great idea to collect some of these babies, and bring them home, to live in a small little water fountain that Hubs made. We must have collected about twenty… we released them around said water fountain, and let nature take its course.  While we weren’t really sure if they “took”, we hoped for the best. The following summer, we saw the fruits of our labor…. a tiny tree frog, on a rock, needless to say, we were delighted. 🙂
From time to time, we will see a tree frog in our yard. Now I’m certain that all of the tree frogs in our neighborhood, are NOT the direct result of our “transplant”. They were here before we got started. It IS, however, nice to know that we encouraged the population to continue multiplying.
It’s really rather relaxing to hear them at night, and even more of a treat to find one sitting on the porch. When this happens, we do our best to document this activity. Entomologist has asked to keep one as a pet, while I’ve not ruled it out, I’ve not agreed either. Eventually, I’m sure I will give in and create a nice little habitat for one, or two…. but not today.




We love frogs.

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