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Grammarly, Easy Like Sunday Morning

I enjoy the slow and easy days of Spring. I look forward to the days that school takes place on the screened in porch, and when lazy rainy days are spent in pajamas, only to shower and put on a fresh set before bed. These Mornings start with coffee and end with tall glasses of good ole southern sweet tea.  These are the days that I’ll miss the most when my babies are grown and keeping up with their hectic schedules.


I am very thankful that even tho the sacrifices are real, and sometimes there is more month than there is money, I know I’m making a difference. THIS is where I am supposed to be. Right here, right now, in the midst of our everyday chaos.




It’s in these days that I have found that I can get the most of my writing accomplished. I am able to get the school schedule hammered out, and Hubs can get caught up on important paperwork. All of these require proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

That’s not always easy when you have three children vying for your attention, or needing your help accomplishing their tasks. It’s easy to get side tracked and make writing mistakes.


Grammarly Writing Support



Enter Grammarly.

Grammarly may not be able to translate toddler-ese, but it certainly helps you correct any mistakes you may have made in your writing, and it also teaches. LIKE A BOSS! This means that if our boys need to write a report, I can trust Grammarly to help them understand the mistakes they make, and how to correct them. That’s a total WIN!


With both a FREE and Premium version, you’re able to customize Grammarly to meet your needs and your budget. With the Premium version, you’re able to customize the document type. You can set it to “academic” all the way to “personal blog.”  With Grammarly, you’re able to produce stellar writing, from blogs to emails and everything in between. If you’re using your computer, Grammarly is going to be right by your side, guiding you, helping you, teaching you.

When our toddler grabs my hand and asks me to jump in the puddles left from the rain, I can close the laptop without worry. I know that when I come back to my writing project, Grammarly isn’t going to let me forget my mistakes. With each grammatical error underlined in red, I can easily spot what needs to be corrected, when the fun of splishing and sploshing are over. Without Grammarly, those mistakes would most likely go unnoticed.


Grammarly, thank you. You’ve created a product that is necessary. Now if only you could create an app for texting. KWIM? 😉



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