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Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for today? We should always show our thanks for what we have, not only on Thanksgiving day. Here are the things that I am most thankful for.
*A Wonderful and Glorious God that has given my family so much LIFE!
*An AMAZING husband that has shown me what it means to love.
*Two wonderful children that love unconditionally, and realize there is more to life than work.
*A mother that is young at heart, and always has an ear to listen, even when the answer isn’t         always clear.
*Amazing friends that live several states away, and refuse to loose touch. I know they would be     there for me no matter what, and that feels nice.
*A Daddy that gave me strength to be the woman I am today. I miss him so much.
*A nice home, in a safe neighborhood in which to raise my children, and the neighbors that have     become my friends.
*The ability to understand that a child’s laughter is all it takes to make the sun shine brighter.
Where ever you are, I do so hope that you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family. Be blessed my friends, and value all that you have, for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

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  • I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. You have a great list of things to be thankful for. (I should make a list sometime!)You saw my Thanksgiving excitement. You’ll have to read the book to find out what a Woozy Woo is. 🙂Happy Thanksgiving!!

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