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He Wants To Save The Whales

Entomologist has always been my “nature boy”. He loves bugs, cats, dogs, birds, basically anything that has a beating heart. His favorite television station is Animal Planet, he loves to bird watch, and to go to the Capitol building and hand feed the squirrels. He LOVES nature.

When we visit the zoo, sometimes he will get quiet, at different exhibits. When I ask him why, he will tell me that he feels sad for the animal we are observing, because he misses his friends that live in the wild.
Last night while I was putting him to bed, he was telling me how sad he thinks it is that Giant Pandas, Tigers, and Rhinos (just to name a few) are on the endangered species list. He also was telling me how sad he is that whales are amoung those on the list. He said he really likes listening to their songs, and wonders how the earth would be without that beautiful music. (wow)
He said that he wants to be one of the Whale Wars folks.. he said he would pretend to be the Captian of the ship, go out to sea, and push everyone over board. (yikes) He said he just doesn’t like people that kill whales, because, as he put it, they have done nothing but give us beautiful pictures and pretty songs. (wow again)
I asked him how does he think we could stop people from killing whales and the other animals that are on the list. He said put them all in jail. (if only it were that easy little man)

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