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I watched a little spot on the late news last night that piqued my interest. It was about a family living in Pasadena California on 1/5th of an acre. they grow everything they eat, and are very self sufficient, relying very little on the economy, and the “luxuries” of electricity, gasoline, and I believe running water. Like I said it was very interesting, so I decided to Google it and see if there was a website. Sure enough, there is. Thought I would pass it along to you, in case you have nothing better to do.

For us, I feel that the way they are living is a great idea, IF you can actually do it. I am, I guess, spoiled to the modern conveniences of electricity, and modern amenities. (like the grocery store for meat, milk, and beer) I think I will try my best to convince my husband (sweet man that he is) to help me make a few changes. For instance, growing more vegetables than we currently are, and perhaps flipping the switch under the house and start using well water. (we will have to depend on the city for sewer, but hey) These are just a few of the changes that I feel that PERHAPS we can make.

I like making our own bread, but will admit that as of late, I have become rather lazy. I really do enjoy making our own food, like home made ice cream, cookies from scratch, etc. I have even been known to make our own soap. (we won’t discuss how it looked!) I am eager to see what other vegetables that we could add and grow in our backyard. I am thinking about getting a blueberry bush this weekend, and try our luck with that.

Since our HOA will not allow “farm animals” there is no chance that we could actually have fresh eggs, in OUR yard, but alas, we still have access to fresh eggs. My mom has several chickens and is always willing to share. 😉

So here is the link to this amazing family in California. I hope you get a little time, and can browse this site, I am sure you will be inspired to make small changes too.

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