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How Fun!!

A few weekends ago, a friend and I went to Lazy Creek to take a few portraits of cute, furry, four legged babies. While, in my experience, pet photography hasn’t been the most profitable venture, it certainly is worth it in the fun department! Children and pets are my most favorite subject. (once I get a good macro lens, insects will be too) Here are a few of my favorites from that day.

An online friend of mine, whom I have yet to meet IRL, made the statement in her blog that, basically, it was difficult to find balance between photography and homeschooling and/or parenting. I will add that yes, while it is challenging to find that balance, it can certainly be rewarding in so many ways. To take a photograph, for me, is so very relaxing. It’s therapy, for those that are into photography. There is no greater form of relaxation than to be behind the camera taking photographs of beautiful things, and getting better and better with each slap of the shutter.

I am a better photographer today, than I was when I first picked up a camera. I have found that before I depress the shutter release, I am mentally taking notes, and discussing the overall composition in my mind. I have found that since my depiction addiction began, I look at everything with more excitement, and find beauty in the least expected places.

My husband and I went on a date, I believe this particular one was last summer. It was a late lunch in the Vista, and then onto the Capitol grounds for a little pixel therapy. It wasn’t my husbands idea of a great date, but he did it for me. (I think if he were to have his own DSLR, he would have just as much fun as I do)

So anyway, these are the pics for today, even tho they are a bit “old”. After reading my friends blog, I thought I would post this for a little (perhaps) inspiration for her.

**For April**
Keep your chin up. The shoot you did would have been challenging for any seasoned photographer. Don’t let it get ya down. You will only get better from these types of experiences. BTW, I think your shots are FANTASTIC. (I almost always have to PS mine just a tad, I shoot RAW)

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  • Very cute!! I’m glad you’re doing this photo stuff. I love looking at your pictures.I know it’s hard to find that balance between homeschooling and anything else some days. I’m sure you’re doing a good job of it though.

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