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I always do it. Even when I try not to, I still do it. I just can not keep this blog up, despite my good intentions. I am not sure what tears me away from it, goodness knows its not because I am just so busy being organized in our everyday. I wish I could tell you that there has been this one monumental event that has kept me away… but.. I can’t… unless I choose to call it “life”.

School is not going the way I like for it to go. The boys are having much too much idle time, and its starting to show. While they are still learning, they aren’t keeping busy. Too much playing, not enough serious learning going on these days.. I need to change that. Quick.

Me, I’ve not been overly motivated either, since the “winter” came. We don’t have pretty winters here in South Carolina. It’s not warm enough to be tropical like Florida, or maybe even Texas, but certainly no where near cold enough to be a winter wonderland like our Northern friends. Just grey, brown, and very boring. ICK. There are no splashes of colorful flowers, green grass or even flowers.. just.. blah. I think that tends to get me down a little bit, as there is nothing worth going outside to take a photo of.. without bundling up, because it does get cold.. by our delicate standards. Even then its again.. brown and boring. ICK.

So here I am.. blogging. Because I am bored with cleaning. I could clean all day every day and its not going to get noticed anyway… so why bother, right? Taxes… now there’s something I could do.. but… ICK.. I don’t wanna. 😉

Anyway.. maybe I will blog a more meaningful blog tomorrow.. today.. I just feel..ICK.

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  • I hear ya!!! Winter blahs. I get them every January/February. Hard to motivate myself. At least in March, while it may be 40 below zero here it gets SUNNY, so that helps the mood. 🙂 That, and the knowledge that spring is closer…

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