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It’s Thursday, already!?

Happy Valentines Day to you, wherever you are!

WOW, it’s been since Monday that I have posted… see, falling behind again. Oh well, I guess when I am not on here, it must mean that I am having fun with my boys. Believe me, we certainly do have fun.

The Entomologist has recently learned how to climb the wall. What?!, you say, you are letting your child climb walls? Well.. yes. You see, he has tried to stand in the doorway and put his hands on either side, since he was 2. Of course those little arms just couldn’t make the stretch, but now!!! Now he is 6, and he is VERY tall. Not only do his arms make the stretch, but his legs do too. AND!!!! He can climb! It’s really cute to see, because he will get to the top, and do a little dance, and sing a snappy little ditty. “UMM UMM, I can FLY FLY FLY.. Umm umm.. Fly Fly fly” It’s really cute to see it all together. I thought I had a picture of it, but I guess not.

Seems as tho lately I have been more tired than normal. Yesterday, while getting dressed to meet my husband, I made the comment that I could go back to bed and sleep for two days. The Entomologist said, “My Dad doesn’t even sleep that much. He can sleep a whole day, but that’s only when he has to be nocturnal.” (my husband is a police officer and works nights at times) I thought that was quite comical. Yep, he knows what nocturnal means. (I must be doing something right)

I have been doubting my abilities…. again. I think we all do this from time to time. It’s just part of our nature to want to achieve at everything we do. So, after talking to a wonderful friend of mine, she suggested that I pull out the ol’ SOL’s and see what we have accomplished. This, I will do today. My friend, Jacquie is a wonderful friend of mine, and I miss her SO MUCH. She also homeschools her children, and it’s great that our children are very close in age. Her oldest will be 6 in a few days, and her youngest is 3, both girls.

While talking to Jacquie, yesterday, she told me of a conversation that she had with her oldest daughter. It went something like.. Momma, why hasn’t the Entomologist (she said his name) called me, or written to me? Are we still friends? I hope so because I want to marry him someday!
Yeah, I laughed just as hard. I was driving at the time, and really thought I was going to need to pull off the road! These two kids have such a wonderful history together. I do hope it continues. I need to be better about having them communicate. I also need to get a new webcam so that they can talk and see one another on the computer.

Yeah, it’s a great life. Even when I doubt my abilities. It’s wonderful to watch our children grow, and to see them form relationships, that hopefully, will last forever.

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  • My emails don’t show up on “columbia homeschoolers”..that’s why I am writing to you on here! Good rebuttal about your style of learning…I have always unschooled but put my older two children in school this year b/c I was TIRED and really needed an emotional break. Surround yourself with like-minded unschooly inspiration when you doubt your way 🙂 And always know that if you need to put them in school for any reason, that’s okay too…they won’t be “ruined” by that either! 🙂

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