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My Pixel Addiction: Just Take the Mom Selfie

Hey, girl. Yes, I’m talking to you. Sitting there with your hair in a messy bun and possibly yesterday’s makeup, I see you. I want to have a little chat with you, about the mom selfie.
We have a lot in common, you and me. We’re both moms. We both love taking photos of our children. I LOVE seeing all the photos you share of your babies. I get excited knowing that technology has made it so incredibly easy to watch our friends’ children grow, even if they live in another part of the world. I have a problem tho, the photos… you’re not in them. We need to fix that sweet mama. Neither of us is in those pictures most of the time. We are both always worried about our appearance, and because of such, we avoid having our photo taken, like the plague.

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But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Messy hair, threadbare t-shirts, and no make-up. Our kids really won’t care in 20 years, and isn’t that the point of taking photos, to remember? They see our beauty, even when we aren’t feeling so pretty.

Mom Selfie, Selfie, My Pixel Addiction

You’re not a narcissist, I don’t care what any article about selfies will tell you. It doesn’t matter. You’re not vain; you’re not self-absorbed, you’re not a narcissist just because you take selfies. We are mothers, and we are left out of photos far too often. It’s time to make a change.

Now that we’ve established the what and the why let’s talk about the how.

You don’t want to take your selfie from a low angle. It’s not that we want to give the illusion of something we’re not, as some articles suggest. We want to look flattering in every photo, it’s only natural. So raise your camera up, get above your shoulders. If you’ve ever noticed that taking a photo of a flower or building from a low perspective, makes the subject appear larger than it really is. That applies to selfies too.
Find the light. A camera, no matter what type, has one job; to capture light. Make sure you’re in a well-lit room. If your smartphone camera has the ability, adjust your exposure. Try not to use flash, unless it’s unavoidable.

It’s ALL about the angle mama. Raise that cell phone up HIGH!

Buy a selfie stick! YES!!! I said it, a selfie stick (I have this one, and I LOVE it!) get one so you can not only get in the photo but so you can also include your kids. (or your BFF, or your hubs, or whatever your heart desires!)

Grocery shopping with your toddler, take the selfie. Include your toddler too! When that precious little one is our age, she will adore all that was different “way back then.”
You can edit that photo too, but mama, please don’t edit so much that YOU get lost. Have a few age spots? That’s okay. Is it getting harder to hide that you are 40 and FANTASTIC? Mama, it’s okay. YOU are beautiful, every inch of your glorious body.
Get photo CRAZY! You can be the crazy camera lady! (I need more members in this club anyway!) You’re most likely walking around with a smartphone in your pocket, put that camera to WORK! (Rhianna totally played in my head just now.)

Mom Selfie, My Pixel Addiction
I know what you’re thinking because I promise you I am thinking the same thing. It’s okay mama, just take the mom selfie. You don’t have to share it on social media unless you want to. It’s more important that you take that photo, for your children to have when they’re grown and trying to remember the fun you had together.

I want you to take that mom selfie, just as much as I want you to fall in love with your smartphone camera and start taking more photos, better photos. AND? I want you to start printing them too. There are so many ways to turn your smartphone photos into photo books that will be treasured for generations to come.
Don’t forget to get selfies of you and YOUR mom too. It’s important. She’ll probably put up a fight if she’s anything like my mom but do it anyway. Get creative. Selfies aren’t always of our faces. I’ll tell you more about how to capture the details the next time I post in “My Pixel Addiction”.

Mom Selfie, My Pixel Addiction

I want you to get a selfie tripod with a Bluetooth remote (you can also set the self-timer!) too. Set it up in the area you’re playing Uno with your kids, or in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner together. Get creative!
You are beautiful, and your journey is just as important, messy hair and all. Let’s change how the world sees us, mama. One mom selfie at a time.

17 thoughts on “My Pixel Addiction: Just Take the Mom Selfie”

  • Just read your post about taking pics and was reminded of the time my brother Logan was murdered and we had to have a closed coffin service. Like to never found pictures of him to use at the service 🙁 I said from then on look out family and friends I come loaded with a canon!

  • Thank you for this! I’m not sure why and when it started but I hate pictures of myself. Starting this blogging journey is making me get over this rock in my Road. But I’m so glad. I should be in pictures, especially with my 3 kiddos.

    • You are exactly right, as moms, we need to make it a point to be in as many photos as we can. Even when we don’t feel like we should be, they won’t care in 20 years if we looked “perfect”, because to them, we always have been.

  • My mom is always fussing that there are never pictures of me and I think worse than taking the selfie is having to ask someone to take my picture. I still wish I had some Borg feature and could have a camera attached to my eye so I can always get those unreproducible pics! Thanks, Carrie!

  • What a wonderful reminder that we need to have pictures of ourselves for our children to have. I am almost always the one taking the picture. I am going to make it a point to work harder to get pictures with me in them (even though I don’t like them) for my family. thank you for sharing this post in the All For Mamas Link Party Week 11 #allformamas. Once you have completed the steps of adding the #allformamas badge and commenting on the Hostess’ post so that you can be considered for the featured post. and also have your worked shared. I will share your post on the Facebook Group page #All For Mamas, on my page Blended Life Happy Wife, twitter and google +. Thank you for participating in the All for Mamas link Party

    • I can absolutely relate. As I sit here working, my hair is a hot mess, yesterday’s makeup is making me resemble a member of some wild raccoon tribe, and I just can’t be bothered with looking, adult, today. BUT!!! That doesn’t matter, because my children will be making memories today, and I need to be in them. Use the self-timer, or get a remote that works with your smartphone. These photos are more valuable than we will ever realize. Take the photo sweet mama, no one on the interwebs needs to know… but your children will value those photos, long after we’re gone. XOXOXO

  • This is so true. Often we are not in photos because we are taking them. For myself I’m alone with my children a lot of the time so if I want to be in photos with them, selfies are the only way to do it! I admit that sometimes I get carried away with filters but that’s only for the ones on social media, my kids will still have the original wrinkle and all photos to look at when they are older.

    • Be sure to print some of those photos too! The digital age, while great and incredibly convenient, has flaws. (ask me how I know) Technology fails sometimes and those precious memories can be lost forever.

  • So true!! I need to get in the pictures more often. I love the tips for a more flattering photo!! I have really long arms but the selfie stick might be a good investment! #allformamas

  • I absolutely love this post! It’s so true, when I scroll through my hundreds of photos on my phone to choose what to post on any/all of my social media platforms, I can’t find a single nice one of all my children with me. I can however find some selfies of me taken when I’m not looking like a hot mess, but then again, that’s a rare day so no, I don’t have much of it. We should definitely change that, because as much as we take photos for the sake of our memories, we should also be in them. To remember who it was that got everyone through the days, when the kids couldn’t for the life of them do anything for themselves. lol

    Maria H. |

    • I look back on photos from when I was a child and sadly there aren’t many of my mother and me. Granted, taking photos wasn’t as convenient back then, but the value of those photos remains the same. I’d rather there be too many photos of me for my children to share, than not enough. Even if I don’t always like the way I looked, or share it on social media. At least we’ll have proof that we were there, and we loved. <3

  • SO SO SO true. It is so easy to get lost in the muddle of baby photos! recently the kids and I were going through some photos of my third child and I reaslied that other then his birth photos, not another pic had me in it until he was 6 months old 🙁 it breaks my heart and I can’t go back. I am not one to shy away from a photo but I just never thought to take them of myself and everyone wanted photos of them with my new addition but never thought to snap one of me too! I now snap a selfie whenever I can and have even been known to photobomb the kids selfies 🙂 #allformamas

    • YES! I love the photo bombing! We need more of that. Don’t forget to print those photos too sweet mama!

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