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Let’s Read And Find Out Science: Germs Make Me Sick!

I decided to participate in a blog series for “Let’s Read And Find Out Science”. I  thought the book “Germs Make Me Sick!” would be the perfect book to read as we head into winter. Knowing how important it is to wash our hands or use hand sanitizer if we aren’t near an area to wash, I had the perfect idea to stress the importance to my children.

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I know, I KNOW what you’re saying.

What. Was. I. Thinking!?!?!

We were actually dealing with the sickies while I was trying to get this post written, and as fate or luck or more precisely GERMS would have it, I wasn’t able to get it finished when I had planned.

Let’s Read And Find Out Science/ Germs Make Me Sick!

The book itself is super cute in how it explains the differences between bacterial germs and viral germs as well as the methods needed to rid the body of both.

I decided the best way to SHOW my children how quickly germs can travel, we would dip our hands in glitter and…. (brace yourselves!) NOT WASH IT OFF!

That’s right mama’s and papa’s, I PURPOSELY let my children run around without washing the glitter off.

We could see how glitter was everywhere, and of course, this meant that we were spreading our germs like an out of control Tasmanian devil. It was everywhere.

Now you and I both know that glitter has a way of working itself into nearly every nook and cranny available. I’m certain that I’ll be finding glitter well after the holidays have been packed up and put back into the attic, but hey, it’s all in the name of education, right?


I know how you really want to show your children how quickly germs can travel without proper handwashing. So here’s the list of what you’re going to need.

Glitter Glitter Everywhere

*A good vacuum
*A sense of humor

Let your children “dip” the palms of their hand(s) into the glitter. (I placed ours on a plate to make it easier, we may be eating glitter for a month, but that’s okay! Germs y’all… germs.)

Dip Hands In Glitter

Then let them carry on about their business and after a bit, call them into a huddle and send them on a hunt to find those pesky germs!

After the science lesson on germs, let them wash their hands to remove all those pesky, sparkly germs!


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