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Things have been so busy here lately. I have so many photos that need to be edited (personal ones) that I have wanted to share on here, to help document our days. For Memorial Day, we went to Freedom Weekend Aloft in Simpsonville, about 1.5 hours from here. We had a wonderful time, and to see all those hot air balloons seemed magical. What was really neat was that on Entomologists favorite television show, “How It’s Made”, a few days before we were to leave, they showed how the baskets of hot air balloons were made. Of course we discussed this again once we actually were able to see one in person. I do have many photos to share with you, but finding the time to get them edited and on here has been no small task. Picasso was afraid of the burners that heated the air to make these wonders of modern aviation take flight. They were loud, and after a few minutes, he was sound asleep. Entomologist was excited and kept telling me this one or that one was his favorite. So I made sure to take photos of those. We were going to take a tethered balloon ride, and were prepared to do so, but once we found out that our flight was a mere 3 minutes, yes, THREE, we decided there were better ways to spend $50.00. We made it home just before bedtime, and decided that next year, we will return, only later in the day when hopefully the temperature is a little cooler.

Our garden is doing wonderfully. The eggplant that we thought Chico broke is actually keeping on! We have harvested two eggplants from this plant, and one wasn’t usable. I really should have just left it on the stalk to let it continue to grow, but thought some sort of bug was boring a hole into it, so we removed it, sliced it open to see, and then out to the compost pile it went. We have a small purple bell pepper growing, and for the most part every plant is doing well, and trying to provide us with wonderful fruit for our dinners. We can’t wait! We discovered a “farm” of aphids on our grapevine. This was fun for the Entomologist. He thought it was really swell how the ants seemed to be tending to this “farm”, and how they would eat them. Good Times.

One evening over the weekend, our electricity went out for a little over an hour. The only thing we could relate it to, was the fact that the temperatures have been 100+ here in our area. So perhaps the surge of all the air conditioners running, caused it to short circuit, or whatever it is when a power plant looses power. So, here it was 10pm, and what were we doing??? Searching for bugs in the yard. It was so dark outside you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. With our flashlight in hand, the hunt began. We found a few ant piles that we thought were abandoned, but at night this place was swarming with ants. I guess the cooler evening temperatures are better for them to work, and they must sleep during the day. We found countless spiders.. creepy! We discussed how the spider is a very important part of our ecosystem. Why, if it weren’t for spiders, the world would be over run with insects. (blegh!) We witnessed at least one spider spinning his/her web. It was beautiful to watch how intricate these webs become. Once the power came back on, we immediately turned off all of our outdoor motion lights, and resumed our exploration in our front yard. It was wonderful, and I must say we WILL be doing this again.

There is much more to tell, and I will, once all of the images are ready to share. I also have a few more stories to tell about the Tooth Fairey’s fall from glory, and Picasso’s priceless wall art. Stay tuned, as these are the best days of our lives!

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