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Life really is a day at the beach

Finally, a temporary break from our seemingly endless schedules. A weekend away at Myrtle Beach seemed to be just what we needed…. okay and it was an opportunity to meet up with a friend and his family as well. Who could ask for more.

While we walked along the boardwalk, the boys were able to learn about the history of such, as well as the history of Hurricane Hugo.

Later, we rode the sky wheel. All I can say about that is…whose bright idea was THAT?!?! Its really not a good one if someone in your party is afraid of heights… im just puttimg that out there folks. Im pretty sure that once you’re at the top, you may or may not be able to see England… or France… or that guy down on the beach’s underpants.

Of course playing in the surf is just as exciting as sitting on the shore watching all the people go by. I had to control my urge to yell, “SHARK!!!!” at the top of my lungs… the Hubs said it wouldnt be funny. I said he was a party pooper. 😉

So long friends, and Myrtle Beach, well be seein’ ya next time.

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