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Love and Marriage

You know the song.. “goes together like a horse and carriage, this I tell you broooooooother… you can’t have one without the ooooooootttttttttthhhhhheeeerrrrrrr.” Yeah well anyway, you get the idea.

After sitting in the allergist’s office for nearly 4 hours, being a human pin cushion, I realized that it was October 7th. Yeah, to you this may be no biggie, but to me, it was sooo important. It was important for me to remember this date because it’s our anniversary, and it was also important that I remember BEFORE Mr. Incredible figured out that I forgot. (I never forget) So I call his cellie and tell him all the warm little things that one would say on a potentially forgotten anniversary. Not mentioning that it is in fact our anniversary because clearly I wanted to see if he remembered too. 
I get home about an hour before he does and I basically beg and plead with my mother to keep Thing One and Thing Two for at least a few hours, and even better would be an overnight stay, if she was up to it. (they are the sweetest little boys on the planet, so I knew she wouldn’t say no) She says she will call me back.
When Mr. Incredible walks in the door, I give him a big kiss and hug, and tell him how attractive he is with his thigh holster on. He gives me the look that only he can, that told me right away he knew I was up to something. I reluctantly tell him that it’s our anniversary. I could tell he forgot…again.  (but it’s OK, really, because he didn’t know that I had actually forgotten too)
I explained to Mr. Incredible that I have asked my mother to watch our boys while we go out to dinner, and possibly for the entire evening. He was excited, and explains to me that he must go workout, and that after he returns we can do out to dinner. I asked why he needed to work out on our anniversary (a clear sign that he really did forget, because why else would you plan on going to the gym on your anniversary??) He kisses his biceps and said that he needed to “feed his guns”… okay, whatever, just make it quick.
He leaves to go to workout, and I quickly get online to make dinner reservations. (because I just can’t let on that I spent 1/2 of the day not KNOWING what day it was, and I had to make it look like I had it planned all along) Call the restaurant and make reservations for 8:30, done. Then I pack the boys and overnight bag, and pile them into the car and off to Nanny’s we go.
I call Mr. Incredible on my way home, to see if he is finished working out, and by that time he was actually on his way home. I informed him of our reservations and he asks where were we going. I told him that he would have to wait to see, because it’s a surprise. 
I pull into the drive way, only to see that Mr. Incredible is already home. I walk in and he is in the process of getting dressed. He tells me that he knows where we are going, because I left the screen up on the computer. (I so hate it when he is smarter than I am!)
So even after our 14 years together(only 8 of those have been married), he still gets me. It’s tough being married to a cop. He can’t be outsmarted, most of the time, and don’t even think about bluffing your way to cover up the fact that you forgot something. He is TRAINED to NOTICE these changes in your body language, pulse, breathing, etc. 
Oh well, at least he thought I looked stunning,… after all these years.
Photo by Vickie Lovett  October 7th, 2000

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