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Meaningful Photos Taken With Your Smartphone


Meaningful photos taken with your smartphone are absolutely possible. I want you to think about your daily life for a moment. What are the moments that make you smile? Is it the toys left in the tub after your child’s evening bath? Maybe it’s the way your pet enjoys the tiniest sliver of evening sun coming through the window. Could it be the mess left in the kitchen after Sunday dinner? 

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The details of our lives often fade as we age. However, these are the very things that make our lives magical they’re the moments that make photo-taking meaningful. Sure, we may not think that way as we’re scrubbing the permanent marker off the bedroom wall, but these ARE the moments we’ll look back on as we remember when.

It’s important to get photos of the family pets as well! Never miss an opportunity to include them in your story.


It was while we were on a vacation a few years ago that I realized the importance of getting those meaningful moments. I saw that it really didn’t matter if my children weren’t looking at the camera. My husband and our youngest child were taking a much-needed nap and I knew better than to wake them. So I put my phone on silent and took a photo. Actually, I took several and deleted what wasn’t needed.  


The details are all around us.

I want to encourage you to think outside the box. I want you to think in terms of moments and then, take the photos that you may not normally feel compelled to take. Not every photo from our lives can be planned, staged or posed. It’s fantastic when a photo opportunity presents itself organically. That very reason is why I am so passionate about using my smartphone camera to document our everyday moments. It’s why I want to encourage and teach others that it’s entirely possible to capture YOUR chaos with your smartphone. Try a different perspective. Get ABOVE or perhaps BELOW your subject. Get close or farther away. Have fun, experiment! 


Thanksgiving crafting on the porch while it’s still warm enough for shorts.



Be aware of the background. While a smartphone isn’t able to blur all of the distractions with its wide-angle camera lens, you can still take great photos! Just be mindful of the background. Clear away the clutter, unless the clutter is part of the detail that you wish to remember. 

The best piece of advice I can offer you is to play with your camera and all of its features. Master YOUR smartphone camera. Explore all of the features available. It’s entirely possible to capture your life using only your smartphone camera.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you first start documenting the details, or perhaps when you first start using your smartphone camera every day, you may feel that your photos aren’t frame-worthy. That’s okay. Not every photo you take will move you. I do feel that the more you use your smartphone camera, and the more comfortable you become with not caring what others say when you grab that camera, the better your photos are going to be. You can take meaningful photos with your smartphone, you just need to practice.

While it’s always best to get that moment right “in camera”, it may not always be possible, especially with a smartphone. I’ll tell you my secret. I ALWAYS edit my photos. I won’t share a photo on social media unless I run it through one of my favorite photo editing apps


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