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Meet Matilda

Please let me introduce you to the newest member of our creature feature. Her name is Matilda, she is a Praying Mantis. We have had her since she hatched from her Oothea, with many of her brothers and sisters.
That was about 2 months ago. She is now an inch and a half long, and when she is full grown, she will be about five or six inches long. We are excited to watch her grow.


Currently we catch flies for her, and place them in her habitat. We will start giving her moths soon. (we just have to catch them)
So continue to check back, to watch her growth. She certainly makes for wonderful photo ops!

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  • Matilda is adorable! We just saw a praying mantis for the first time, in our yard, a couple of days ago. The girls were so excited. I can only imagine how excited your boys have been watching them hatch and grow.

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