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Nantahala National Forest

While exploring the Nantahala National Forest, we encountered so many beautiful spots.  We came upon an old farmstead, that had an area for primitive camping. Hubs and I said that if we were able to get away, alone, for a couple days, we would tent camp here. LOVELY space.
We couldn’t help but notice several areas where there were approximately 10 butterflies that were lying in the road, clearly dead, or dying. I THINK they were ran over by other vehicles? I can’t be certain.  However, it did appear as tho other butterflies were mourning the loss of these butterflies.
Of course, Entomologist was able to gently coax an uninjured butterfly to his hand. This child has such a magical ability to “whisper” to all creatures. I think it’s truly a gift.
Such an amazing space to experience.  So tranquil, so relaxing. A place to definitely visit again.

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  • Beautiful! And such an oddity to find the butterflies like that. I hope you get to return there soon to camp.

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