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Not A Moment Too Soon

While, in a perfect world, we would visit the library once a week, it just doesn’t happen that way for us. I need to get better about that. We borrow so many books, and with 2 renewals, that gives us about 6 weeks of time to enjoy our new found favorites.
For our visit yesterday, we borrowed not quite as many, this time around. We have a movie, Shiloh, we’ve watched it several times. I explained to Entomologist and Picasso, that more times than not, the book is better than the movie, and gives you a great deal of extra details that the movie either leaves out, or just didn’t have the time to explain. Either way, the book is a must read… always.
I borrowed a few nature study type books for us. A few of them are adult type books, and the others came from the juvenile non fiction section.
and The Magic School Bus chapter books. We love TMSB, so the chapter books are certainly going to be enjoyed by all. There was one on thunderstorms that I wanted to borrow, but it was already out. There’s always next time.
Entomologist decided that he would grab my camera, and literally follow me around the library. I told him that I now know how the stars of Hollywood feel with the paparazzi feel. I didn’t want to share any of the photos that he took of me, but he said different….such is life.
I’ve been worried about Entomologist reading. While many of my unschooling friends have reassured me that “it will all click when it needs to click”. Meanwhile I’m worried, and asking people that I shouldn’t ask, about how/when they got their child to read. Let me just tell you this, worry is for nothing, and it all happens when it’s supposed to, and not a moment too soon. Entomologist is reading… and I’m relieved. Now I have a few extra greys in my blonde, that I didn’t have to get anyway. Everything to him, now, is an opportunity to show off his reading skills.
I think I should listen to my unschooling friends just a little more often. Winking smile
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