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Organization Gene??

I was recently passed on a link to a fantastic blog by a mother of 4, yes you read that right FOUR boys, and she is also a homeschooler. TOTALLY organized. I mean, to the “nth” degree! I have been browsing her blog over the course of the past week or so (can’t remember how long to be honest) and I am beyond impressed! (and feeling a little less than adequate) THANKS MY WONDERFUL FRIEND FOR SHARING THAT LINK!!!!! (ya know I’m teasin’ ya)

From reading her blog, her oldest is about 7ish (again, can’t really remember) and these boys look like they are living the life, lemme tell ya! You see, this mom came up with an idea to freeze different objects in ice, and let the boys go on an ice “dig”. It was really clever how she made them, and perhaps if (key word being IF) I don’t forget, when summer rolls around again, I will let my boys do the same.
Its fun to read other homeschool blogs, because you get ideas for some really neat projects. I just wonder where these folks think up all this great stuff? Oh, and organization…. yeah, I wasn’t born with that one! I think I failed that class in high school as well, so I came to my own unscientific conclusion that it is an inherited gene, one of which skipped ME.
I want to share the link, but I am not sure that is “allowed” in blog world. I mean, I know I can share links to websites and all, but not sure if links to blogs are allowed. Anyone know? I think i will email her and get permission to link to her. SHE IS AMAZING in her creativity! I think with boys you have to reinvent the wheel constantly. At least with my boys you do, because Entomologist becomes bored rather easily.
Anyway.. adding to my ever growing list of things I WANT to do with my boys. 
How do you manage housekeeping, school, fun, and all the other things that you do, and still stay organized? Would love to hear your tips.

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