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Over Quota?

A GREAT friend of mine, who now resides in Florida, and I “talk” almost everyday. It’s necessary. According to her husband, women are given “X” amount of words each day. That is why we gab with one another, we are burning up our quota of words. This is replenished each day, and we MUST talk or we will have too many words left over at the end of the day. (think about it tonight when you are laying in bed, and you start gabbing to your husband) Men can not carry on long conversations with us because they do not have a bank full of words, like we do. 
I mean think about it, have you ever listened to your husband on the phone? No, not talking to you, but to another male. It’s terrible! I hear a few grunts, a couple uh huh’s and a, “catch ya later”, then that’s it. Ask him what they talked about and he will say… guessed it… NOTHING. Well I dunno about you, but I believe that to be the truth! I can just imagine what is being said on the other end.  What is this caveman lingo, and it’s up to us women to translate? Really folks.. it’s kinda scary… I mean  WE MARRIED THEM!
What’s even more scary is that, after several years of marriage, you begin to know which grunt means hello, and which ones mean I love you. I’M NOT KIDDING!!! For instance, last night DH and I went to bed, and the conversation went like this……..
Me: Goodnite, I love you. 
DH: umph
Me: You know, when someone says I love you , you should return the sentiment by saying it back. 
DH:  I did. 
See what I mean?? Scary stuff man. Scary stuff. 
And you thought the Geico cavemen were just part of an ad campaign. HA! 

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  • Sooo funny. We are the opposite. My husband will chat chat chat talk talk talk. He loves to talk on the phone, to the neighbors. Whew. Makes my mouth tired! I talk a bit, but not much. Funny!

  • LOL It depends what sort of mode hubby is in. Sometimes it’s the caveman – then other times he tries to talk comptereez to me and I get a headache. 😉I love the Entomologist’s picture of a cow! He’s good. 🙂

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