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Recycled Christmas

I thought that since we generally go WAY overboard at Christmas gift giving, this year we will take an environmentally conscience approach. We are going to MAKE Christmas this year. We are going to recycle as many items as we can, and give to our loved ones. Who says they MUST know how each gift “started out”? Not everything is going to be recycled, of course we will need to purchase a few items to create our recycled Christmas, but at least we are making an effort to not go overboard this year.

On our list of gifts to create are….
Candles using old leftover candles. We will melt them down, and form them in different containers, adding a new wick. We will place each “new” candle in a “home made” candle dish/holder. We will browse thrift shops and yard sales to find appropriate candle holders to reinvent. (paint and embellish)
Writing Paper making our own paper from recycled newspapers and construction paper that otherwise would go out on the compost pile. We will make elegant note “pads” and wrap them in a very pretty beeswax coated twine, to add to the gift baskets we will create.
Decorative Lamps using empty wine bottles. I got the idea from a fellow Freecycler to create one of a kind pieces of art using 50 count Christmas lights and a special bit for our high powered drill. These are sure to be beautiful!
Magnets using air dry clay the boys and I will make unique magnets to hold all of the wonderful art they create thru out the year.
Reading Nook Throw Pillows IF we can round up enough plastic grocery bags to make at least 5 of these pillows. (not my idea, found it on a WONDERFUL blog) Using old receiving blankets and plastic grocery bags, we will make comfy pillows to use in a reading nook, or other area in the home where a large throw pillow would be required.
This is all of the items that I can think of currently. I know we will make a few jams and home made breads to add to these baskets, but for now these are the “recycled” items.
Will post photos as we go. Say prayers that we don’t forget anything that is important to US, to make for our loved ones.

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