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Refreshed and Renewed

Ok, this blog is helping me. You may not SEE it, but it really is. Folks have passed on links to other blogs, and let me tell you, they really are inspiring!

I have decided that since we basically unschool, (taking what we need from our daily lives and adding to it just a tad) I will use this blog as part of my record keeping. The goal will be to document something from our day, in photographs. Of course there will not be a step by step play of our day, but you get the idea. I am thinking I will be running a day or two behind, but perhaps not. I have two days worth of photographs to put on here. (not really all of them, but you get the idea) ***Not ALL photos are going to be of GREAT quality*** It’s more about catching the moment than worrying about settings on the camera.

So for Thursday Feb. 14,2007 what did we do?? Well, we did ALOT of fun things, and of course our chores. Probably the most fun activity we had was making fresh orange juice. The Entomologist and Picasso had just as much fun making the juice, as they did drinking it.

Here’s how it went… first, we made fruit smoothies, to give us the needed energy boost for juicing all these oranges!

Of course you can see there are plenty of oranges that need juicing!

No No silly boys! We have to use these for juice!

Of course big brother has to lead the way, so that Picasso will understand what is being asked.

Everyone must get a turn. (no pun intended ;P)

Wow, we squeezed all of these, and it only made a just under 2 quarts of the most wonderful orange juice. Daddy will be so pleased. (he loves orange juice)

AHHHH!!!!! Good to the last drop!

So that was the “big” fun project we had on Thursday. We had so many red and naval oranges that we knew we would never eat them all before they went bad. So we decided to make juice. It’s Daddy’s favorite juice, and it was alot of fun doing it ourselves. Besides, we KNOW what is in this juice. Alot of TLC!!!

Until tomorrow.

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