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My Pixel Addiction: Add-On Lenses

HI. My name is Carrie and I’m an addict. I’m addicted to taking photos. It’s been…….. 2 hours since my last click.

My Pixel Addiction, Smartphone Photography

I fell in love with the idea of photography right before digital cameras became a thing. It’s hard to believe that just around 15 short years ago, digital cameras and smartphones were unheard of. I remember the first camera that my husband and I purchased. It was an SLR with only ONE lens. I had zero clues what I was doing, and “auto” was my BFF. It was during a time when I would buy film solely because it was on sale. I had no idea what type of film to buy or what ISO meant. I would take the picture, drop the film off at the drugstore to be developed, and hope for the best.

When our first child was born, I still had my trusty Canon. I would happily take photos, get them printed, then cut them into all sorts of cute shapes for my scrapbook.  I’m not sure that getting a better photo of our son was even on my radar. I always hired a professional photographer to get family portraits or even the obligatory newborn, 3, 6, 9 and 12-month portraits of him. We had great photos, even if *I* wasn’t the one that took them.

A lot has changed since then!

Around the time that our son turned 4, digital cameras were an actual thing…..and I was eager to get my own!  I remember her well… a Canon A80 with a draw dropping 3.2 megapixels! I remember thinking how the sand in a photo looked like you could wipe it off the page. It was so incredibly crisp and sharp and DETAILED.

Fast forward about 10 years.

I am finding myself using my smartphone more and more for capturing everyday moments. The cameras on our cell phones have come a long way baby! There are apps that you can use to edit your photos AND send them off to get printed. ALL FROM OUR PHONES.

It’s no wonder I have a pixel addiction.

You may think, but my cell phone doesn’t have an interchangeable lens. Well, I would have to disagree. I have a few add-on lenses that I absolutely ADORE! One of my favorites is a clip on wide angle/macro lens. During Spring, Summer, and Autumn, I use the macro lens to get up close and personal with the macro world. Bugs. I LOVE BUGS! All kinds. Wasps,My Pixel Addiction, Smartphone Photography, Macro hornets, aphids, you name it. I jokingly say that it’s therapy for me. I call it “Pixel Therapy”.

Yes, I have the whole macro set up for my DSLR, and when I can, I try to get in a little pixel therapy with my big camera. However, if I drop that camera, it’s going to do real damage, and the cost to repair or replace my equipment will be quite spendy. So I stick with convenience and cost effectiveness. Not to mention what I can actually accomplish with an adventurous toddler in tow.

What, you’ve not heard about the lenses for your smartphone? Or maybe you have, but thought it was all a gimmick. Well, I’m here to tell you they are real, and they are so much fun to use. These lenses come in all shapes and sizes. Some lenses are brand specific, while others offer a universal fit.




Get Creative!

My favorite “fun” lens is a super fisheye lens. The lens attaches to your phone via a magnetic connection. Y’all… Smartphone photography this is a FUN lens!!!  I love the way you can distort the world around you with this lens. The most fun comes from getting photos that include the horizon, I think it gives a “fishbowl” feel to the photo.  Of course getting up close and personal with your pet can make for some really cute super fisheye images too.

My point is, you do NOT need to own a fancy DSLR camera, in order to take AMAZING photos. With a little knowledge of basic photography and getting to know the camera on your smartphone, you can take breathtaking photos too!




Our Everyday Chaos, Smartphone Lenses, My Pixel Addiction

In my next “My Pixel Addiction” post, I’ll share some of my favorite smartphone photo editing apps. I absolutely feel that editing a photo, no matter if you’re a professional photographer, or a mom getting photos of her little one in their everyday lives, is necessary.

Apps make it easy and fun! You can edit a photo, right on your smartphone, share to social media, AND send it off to be printed. You can’t get much easier than that, y’all!




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