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This Is His Happy Place

He’s an old soul.

He loves wearing fedoras.

He loves his little sister, hot blueberry tea and art.     art, unschool, autodidact

He hasn’t had any REAL formal art classes. He watches a few YouTube channels of a handful of artists. One particular one that he has learned a great deal from, is Mark Crilley. This book, The Realism Challenge, was on his Christmas wish list. He hasn’t read all of it, but most of the time, you’ll find him in the reading area of his room, nose glued.

art, unschool,                                   While he does have some rather impressive pencils from pencils from

While he does have some rather impressive pencils from pencils from Prismacolor, he prefers to stick with black, grey or charcoal colored pencils for his drawings. He is teaching me the difference between what would be a sketch, and what would be an, airplane, unschool

He is able to see a picture of something, and sometimes just an image in his mind, and draw it, with very intricate detail.  Having a natural talent that he is learning to master, means he isn’t proficient in every medium. Currently working with watercolor, he’s expanding his comfort zone. I can appreciate that.

bee, art, unschool

I believe the image of the bee was a “challenge” on a YouTube channel.

While we were on vacation recently, he brought along his sketch book and found his favorite spot, and passed the time drawing. Of course, he did other fun things, but I love how he can find a space and lose himself drawing.


He’s a perfectionist.

Having been commissioned by 3 people, do draw custom pieces, at only 11 years old, I’d say that’s something to be proud of. I’ve seen him start over on the same drawing or watercolor so many times. He understands the importance of taking a break, even if it’s for several days.

I can hardly wait to see where his art will be in 5, unschool,

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