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Time Well Spent

We had a wonderful time, Father’s Day weekend, hitting a few local State Parks. We set out for Table Rock State Park. If you live close by, or happen to be near the area, it certainly is worth a visit. We entered the park near the visitors center and was taken away by the simple beauty of the large fishing deck. The water was so calm, it appeared to mirror the sky, clouds, and trees.

We drove around the area, taking in all the beautiful sites, and looking thru the campground in hopes of soon returning to camp in this beautiful state park.

We were also fortunate enough to happen upon a most beautiful waterfall that was just off the road. Had it not been for the boiled peanut vendor on the roadside, we may have missed it altogether. Wildcat Branch Falls. BEAUTIFUL!!!

There is a hiking trail that takes you to the remnants of an old home. I have to do a little more research to find out more about this home. We were able to take a few photos near the remains of the chimney.

After you pass the house, there is a trail that takes you to the larger falls. I am not sure how far that hike it, but I wasn’t prepared. Pardon the unpolished toesies. I ALWAYS wear flip flops.. and this time, it wasn’t a very good idea.

And lastly, a few more of my favorites from this wonderful day together with my fantastic fellas.

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