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To Canada and Back (part 1 Calumet Island)

A month ago, my Hubs had a work related trip to California, for a week. That meant that the fellas and I would have an entire week without Hubs being home. What to do, what to do?!  I know!!! We will take a trip to New York to see our family, do a little sight seeing, and head up to the 1000 Islands. We had a WONDERFUL adventure.

To start, we left our house promptly at 8am. We stopped along the way for a breakfast in a bag. Consisting of  bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, and of course, coffee. (for me, not the fellas, they had juice) What a beautiful journey!
 A few things we learned on our 12 hour trek north… 1) Virginia is a very large state 2) Pennsylvania is bigger 3) Construction happens, and your GPS won’t understand 4) Four large red bulls will get the job done. 5) Even in a car, asleep in the back seat, little boys will snore…. loudly…. for hours.
We were able to go to the 1000 Islands, along the Canadian border. What a quaint little area. I would really like to go back one day and explore the riverside towns. (Clayton and Alexandria Bay)
To make it over to Grindstone Island, we had to take a ferry, or barge. You load everything onto the barge, and after a 20 minute “boat” ride, you arrive. There are some people that ferry over their vehicles. Most people get around the island by ATV’s, or golf carts. I think we only saw one vehicle actually being driven. It was so incredibly charming, there, on Grindstone Island.


As you cross the river, you will pass Calumet Island. “Calumet” is a native term, meaning, “Indian Pipe of Peace”. This was the very first castle built, in the 1000 Islands. Long before Boldt Castle or even Singer Castle. Calumet was built in 1894, by Charles Emery. The only remaining part of the castle is the water tower, as time can be so cruel to beautiful creations.  (seen in the two photos below) I think it is one of my favorite views. It’s kind of fairy tale-esq, to me.  I waited to hear “Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your long hair!”, but all I heard was the crashing of the waves against the boat.



Such a lovely view, with the geese flying through the photo, wouldn’t you agree?

Stay tuned for “Around Grindstone Island”

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