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To Canada and Back (part 2, around Grindstone Island)

While on Grindstone Island, the main mode of transportation is by ATV. We were very fortunate that there were enough ATV’s (and one golf cart) to carry our crew of  ten, everywhere we wished to go.
Entomologist was my chauffeur, for a good part of the journey. I think driving the ATV, was probably one of his most favorite parts of the entire trip.


One of the places we went, was Picnic Point. There is a lovely gazebo there, with a lovely view of the St. Lawrence River. (altho, it doesn’t look like a river to me!) This explains of the History of the point, and tells you of how Thousand Island Salad dressing, came to be. It tells of how a fishermans wife, Sophia LaLonde, made the sauce to serve her husband, George, for his dinner. Further research says that George Boldt, of Boldt castle, also served the dressing to his guests, at the Waldorf-Astoria.
One of the many open areas, of Grindstone Island.


This area of dead trees, was very beautiful. I really loved the way the bare trees emerged from all the life, just below. Frogs were everywhere, on this island, and at night, they played a sweet symphony.


Yes, there were pastures, providing hay, for the islands resident cattle.


The same trees, at sunset.


Another beautiful Grindstone Island sunset.


This is the home, if you see, tucked into the trees, where we stayed. A cute little cabin, overlooking a beautiful meadow.
Choke Cherries. I’m told that the natives, of Grindstone Island, make jam and jellies from these. Yes, I did try one, they are quite bitter… hence the name “choke”.


This is a large rocky area, at Potter’s Beach, on Grindstone. It’s a great area to jump, normally. We were told that since there hasn’t been much rain, that the water was considerably lower than normal. Folks, including my oldest, did enjoy jumping into the water.. I did not, it was MUCH MUCH too cold! You have to wear shoes, to swim in this water. There are zebra mussels, that are all throughout the St. Lawrence river. We later learned, that because of these mussels, the water is 90% pure.
Stay Tuned for Part Three Boldt Castle and the St. Lawrence River

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