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Unslumping To Do

You may or may not know that I am trying my very best at becoming a “professional” ( I really dislike that word) photographer. I have been interested in photography for awhile, but really taking time to care how my photographs looked, didn’t come until the birth of our first child, 6 years ago. I try to take photos and post them to a “Pblog” on my Pbase site. I will “journal” a little about the posted photograph. It’s been alot of fun learning and sharing our days with other “pbasers“. However, I have found I am in a bit of a slump, photographically speaking. Seems there are so many other things going on lately, that to pull the camera out and take “real” pictures, is just a bit more work than it is pleasure. (did I just type that?!?!?!)

I want my photos to become more than just a snap shot. I get frustrated when my quick captures aren’t as eye pleasing as I want them to be. Some have said that it’s because I have taken “a few good photos” that now I hold every one to that standard. This could be a good thing, but it could also be very bad. I have realized that even when I have portrait sessions, I will look thru the images, and find I am disappointed in myself, even when the client is pleased. I am not Ansel Adams. I am not Anne Geddes. You see, these great photographers have a style. I have not yet developed my “style” of photography, other than I know I enjoy portrait photography. My business is actually only 6 months old. So I would say that I am doing pretty good, considering.

I have a joint corporate session this week, and I am excited. (I always get excited when I get to take photos) I have a wonderful friend that has sort of taken me under her wing, and help me become the best photographer that I can be. I will admit, had it not been for her encouragement, I most likely wouldn’t be where I am now. She is fantastic, and I appreciate her…. very much.

I guess when life gets busy, and I haven’t had any “real camera time” to speak of, I get in a slump. I feel I can’t get motivated to take creative photos of my boys during the day. Forget even asking them to help me out in my makeshift studio.. they are all tired of that one, I suppose.

Anyway, I am rambling. I would like to have posted a picture along with this entry, but… I don’t have any. Sure I could have snagged one off the Internet, but that is something that I frown upon….greatly. As a photographer, I understand how precious each individuals photo is. Unless permission is given, it’s just not nice to snag. No matter if its not being used for profit.. it’s just common courtesy, and its against the law. If you must post your images online, please remember to resize them. If you have questions about resizing your photo, see here.

After cleaning the house tomorrow, and painting flower pots with the boys, (actually inspired by “Mom in Madison“) perhaps it will spark a bit of creativity in me, and you will see a few colorful photos from our school day.

Take care and have a most wonderful day…wherever you are.

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  • A self critical eye is a sure sign of an artist! 😉 My mom was a portrait photographer for ages, and said the best practice was quantity. She took tons of photos. Inside, outside, of flowers, people, animals, of sun, of light, of dark. It made the camera feel like an extension of her face and made her more relaxed. I guess if she was relaxed she felt the clients would be more relaxed. I always think of that even when just taking photos for my life, blog, family. That is the beauty of digital–take a hundred, keep 3. No biggie. But I hope that it means perhaps my photos are improving too. We’ll see! 🙂Can’t wait to see your pots!

  • Hi Carrie,Also being new to the the business side of Photography I can relate to so much of what you are saying. I sent you an email over at pbase. Just tell me what you think.Talk to you later,April

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