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We have an idea

The boys made a light bulb, and you can too.

You will need:
Eight D-sized batteries
Mason jar or other clear glass
Electrical tape
Toilet paper tube (empty, of course)
Pencil Lead (from a mechanical pencil)
Two sets of small alligator clips

What you will do:

  1. Using electrical tape, tape the eight D-sized batteries together, end-to-end, with the positive ends connected to the negative ends.
  2. Cut the toilet paper tube to a height that will fit comfortably (leave plenty of room) inside of the mason jar or other clear glass.
  3. Tape one positive and one negative alligator clip to one end of the toilet paper tube. Make sure the clip is facing up, away from the rest of the toilet paper tube.
  4. Tape the tube with the clips attached to a pie pan so that it stands upright, with the clips facing up.
  5. Carefully clip a mechanical pencil refill between the two alligator clips. The pencil refill needs to be in one piece, so be gentle.
  6. Place a mason jar or clear glass over the top of the toilet paper tube stand.
  7. Touch the other positive and negative ends of the alligator clips to the ends of your super battery.
  8. Give the circuit a moment to circulate the electricity, and WOW, it’s glowing! 

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