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We’ve Only Just Begun

Well Tuesday September 8, 2009 started our third official year homeschooling. We generally school year round, it just makes sense to me, because you should never really take a break from learning. Well this year, we took a six week break. Bad idea. The first lesson was math… it took us over an hour and a half to complete 4 pages, or “review”. Oivey.

So for this year what will we learn. Well we’ve started our Flat Traveler, we’ve named him Flat Sam.. he has already traveled to Egypt, via email. We are waiting to get the news from his host family there. I am thinking we should make more than one, to send out to different parts of the world. I can eager to see the results that we get. I know that both of the boys will have a great time learning about different parts of our world…. and to tell you a secret… I’m eager too. 🙂

We will work on reading, for Entomologist. I want him to be reading all on his own, by the end of the year. That, to me, would be wonderful. I am not sure where to start. I know that he knows the phonetic sounds of each letter, but he is not willing to sound anything out. Reading and writing are constant struggles here. It saddens me because I so much want for both of my boys to enjoy reading, as I do. So much can be learned just from reading.

Picasso, on the other hand, is ready to learn. He is ready to write, and even tries to read, all on his own. 🙂 I feel confident that we are on the right path here. I am looking forward to seeing Picasso blossom.

We are going to try a unit study on Ancient Egypt. We need to pick up a few items from our local library, then we will begin our adventure to Egypt. Wish us luck. 🙂

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