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When Magic Happens

We all had a wonderful time going to the State Capitol yesterday to see the release of these beautiful butterflies for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. I try to take the boys each year, simply because, to them, seeing that many butterflies in one location is magic.  Picasso wasn’t really interested in having his picture taken this time.. go figure. LOL 
We have been so busy this week, on Monday we picked pears … a bushel’s worth, so now we must start making jellies, jams, and preserves. (I am not sure what all you can make with pears, but we will find out!) Will post pictures as we begin the process. 
Hoping you have a wonderful week, where ever you are.

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  • Great photos! Mmmm. Pears. I made some raspberry pear jam last week and it is amazing. I want to make some pear preserves, and some apple/pear compote too. We got another 30# of apples today, so I’m in it too! 🙂

  • You Entomologist really has a way with bugs! Those are great pics.I was just listening to something yesterday about one way to get through this economy is to revert back to pioneer day technology as much as you can. Canning some of those pears might be the way to go. I guess you picked them locally?

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